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10 Classics; Writing Community
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Writing Community with Promtps from Classical Literature
Welcome to 10_classics, a multi-fandom writing adventure just like the several trillion other writing comms on LJ. Our twist? All of our prompt tables (save the mix-it-up table) are based around ONE great author of literature with quotes from their various works. The rules of the community are below, please read them before signing up with a claim and beginning.

- - -

* You must be 17 years of age or older to write/post/read R and NC-17 rated fiction.
* All types of writing (real person, original, fanfiction of every variety) are welcome and appreciated equally here.
* No slander of any type will be put up with. That is for the works chosen, the pieces posted, or anything else.
* No plagiarism. This is basis for banning from the community.
* Please mark all NC-17 and R rated material. We appreciate a rating on everything, but there it is required.
* All stories must be linked to your own journal or behind an LJ cut. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut, there is an FAQ on the subject in LJ's official FAQ's.
* Also put warnings for things like character death, slash/femmeslash, intense drug usage, suicide/cutting, and anything else that you think someone might want warned that is coming.
* Mark all spoilers (use your discretion to what a spoiler is still; ex. an episode of LOST that aired last week is still a spoiler, while an anime like Sailor Moon has no more spoilers).

- - - -

Posting format;

Subject line of post should read:

Fandom. Claim. Title.

Remember to use the tag given specifically to you when your claim was accepted with every post. If your first post does not have it, do not fret, for the mods will come along and fix that for you.

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